The 21st century is the century of survival as we human beings come to terms with the over-arching pressures of global inequality and global warming on an increasingly ‘consumed’ planet.  

The opportunities for transformation to more just and ecologically sustainable communities and businesses are enormous. So too are the risks of continuing with business as usual. Past success is no guarantee of a positive future in a world heading towards a population of 9 billion by 2050, full of disruptive environmental events and technological and social drivers for change. 

 A ‘Future’ and ‘Ethics’ focus is critical in every boardroom and leadership forum. 

Socrates posed the question, what ought one to do? It is still the question that should dominate thinking in leadership and decision making.
With 30 years of political experience, future focused leadership, policy development, successful campaigns, advocacy and social and environmental change behind me, I'm excited to share my skills, experience and advice with you to help explore the options that question opens up. 

I want to help your organisation or business understand what is happening now and imagine future global scenarios.

Empower people

I am an experienced public advocate for progressive causes, a strong motivational speaker and can help organisations align the values they hold with the work they do.


By providing political and strategic advice and problem solving skills I can provide insight into how decisions are made and how to design action and negotiate accordingly. 

I have extensive contacts across a range of policy and regulatory issues, both domestically and internationally. 


Let me help you transform not only the focus of what you do but the way you do it. Let me help make sure that lateral thinking, ethical conduct, greater transparency and more diverse, inclusive, flexible work cultures are the hallmarks of what you do. 

I am currently privileged to be working as:

  • Patron of the Australian Solar Council.
  • Ambassador for the 100% Renewable Energy Campaign of the World Future Council.
  • Ambassador for the Global Greens.
  • Advisory Board member of the Climate Accountability Institute.
  • Member of the Energy Watch Group.
  • Associate of the Sydney University Democracy Network. 

Contact me

If you'd like to work together for change please get in touch via my contact page >>